Thomas Arnold Primary School

Visions & Virtues

Thomas Arnold Vision Statement

At Thomas Arnold Primary School we welcome all individuals into our inclusive, nurturing and vibrant environment.

We strive to inspire and enable everyone in our school community to achieve their full potential by preparing them to become aspirational, happy, lifelong learners.

We seek to develop confidence, self-belief, independence and curiosity, where every child feels valued, has a thirst for learning and are model global citizens equipped for life in the 21st century.


Thomas Arnold Virtues

Integrity:                  Be true to yourself, always do the right thing

Love of Learning:   Be excited to discover new knowledge and skills

Perseverance:         Achieve the best you can and never give up

Fairness:                  Treat people equally, giving everyone the same respect

Creativity:                Think in new and different ways; be original with your ideas.

Zest:                          Approach life and learning with excitement and energy