Thomas Arnold Primary School


The Additional Resource Provision: The ARP

At Thomas Arnold our Additional Resource Provision is for children aged 4-11 with Autism Spectrum Conditions.

The children who attend have an array of needs and are on different levels of the spectrum. The ARP strives to aid every child’s progress in academic and social skills and this is achieved by putting plans in place that are tailored to individual needs.

Our specialist teachers and support staff work with external professionals, for example Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists, who contribute to each child’s developmental plan.

​The five ARP classrooms are located alongside the mainstream classrooms within the school. All at Thomas Arnold ensure the children who learn in these classrooms are part of the school community and we ensure they feel included and play an active part in school life. The ARP curriculum closely matches that of the main schools.

This is one of the benefits of being a school-based provision. We aim for every child to spend some time in the main school although this is based on children’s abilities and needs within the context of a mainstream classroom. At present, there are thirty places within our ARP at Thomas Arnold.

For further information about our ARP, please contact Brooke Reid (Inclusion Lead) via the school office.