Superb report from Ofsted

Last week an inspector from the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) visited our school and spent a day sitting in on lessons, looking at work in the children’s books and speaking with children, teachers and parents.

Today we received her report and are very pleased to announce that Ofsted have judged our school to be Good.

The report contains many things we are very proud of, including:

•     ‘… staff, pupils, parents and carers … value the school’s six core virtues of promoting a love of learning, integrity, perseverance, fairness, creativity and zest.’ (p.1)

•     ‘The attention paid by all staff at the school to keeping pupils safe is exemplary. A real culture of care extends across the school.’ (p.2)

•     ‘Pupils learn well because the teachers and other adults providing support have high expectations of what they can and should achieve.’ (p.3)

•     ‘Pupils behave well in classes. They are polite and courteous … [they] are caring and considerate towards their peers’ (p.4)

You can read the full report by clicking below. It will also be available on the Ofsted website shortly.

The report also mentions something we could do better:

•          ‘… continue to strengthen the teaching of reading across the school’ (p.4)

We welcome this observation and are committed to ensuring that the excellent practice in the teaching of reading now in place across the school continues and is consistent in providing the best learning experience for every single child in our school.

Thank you to all of you who spoke with the inspector during her visit and to those who took the time to complete the online questionnaire.

We hope you are as proud of this superb result as we are; a result that represents a significant step toward our goal of becoming a truly outstanding school.