Staying Positive

I hope you are all well and have been keeping safe since we last saw you.

Your teachers have been keeping the website updated regularly and we have really enjoyed seeing some of the work that you have emailed to us.

Here are a selection of things we have received recently…





It is great to see that so many of you have been working hard whilst you are at home and that you are keen to keep up to date with any tasks that your teachers have set.

Remember to keep yourself well by focusing on other things too e.g. spending quality time with your family, playing games, exercising indoors.

Time Capsule

Although things are very unsettled right now and life as we know it has changed dramatically, there will be a time in the future whereby people learn about the things we are experiencing today.

A Time Capsule  is always a good way to remember things and keep memories of different times in your lives.

Happy News 

It is important to remember to try and stay positive in situations that seem negative or out of our control.

Newsround offer a series of Happy News clips that we can use to put a smile on our faces whilst we are not together at school. It is updated regularly so keep an eye out for some of the funny clips that they upload which remind us to keep smiling even when we find it difficult to do so.

50 Things to do

Here is a reminder of all the 50 things we are aiming for you to do before you leave Thomas Arnold in Year 6.

Have a look through and see if there are any you can tick off whilst you are at home.

We are updating the website regularly with lots of different things for you to try at home. Why don’t you have a go at learning a new language or practising Cosmic Yoga?

Remember- now it is the perfect time to learn something new which you can show us all in assembly when we return to school. We can’t wait for you to show off all your new skills in our Achievement Assemblies!


Now is the time that we would be wishing you all a very happy Easter and would be telling you to enjoy your Easter break.

This year is very different but we are thinking of you and miss you all very much.

Enjoy your Easter eggs this weekend!

Take care.


Monica Gallagher