Reopening our school- information for parents

Dear Parents/Carers,


I am writing to give you further information ahead of the wider opening of the school on Monday 15th June.


You will understand that we must follow strict guidelines to ensure that we keep our children, parents and staff safe.  We would appreciate your full support with this.


The school will open to:

Y6 and YR-   Monday 15th June

Y1 and YN – Tuesday 16th June


From Wednesday 17th June we will have all children that have registered for a space in school.


To ensure we can adhere to social distancing guidelines we are operating a one way system at the school gates.


Please queue at the side of the school following the 2m marks that have been outlined on the pavement. Members of staff will be on hand to direct you at the start and end of each day.


Please do not take offence if staff members direct you to use the one way system or remind you to observe social distancing:

We must ensure all pupils, parents and staff are safe and will therefore implement the guidelines needed.


Timings of the school day

Please can we ask that parents arrive on time at the begin and end of the school day.

We cannot accommodate parents that arrive early and we must follow government guidelines- we cannot have large crowds gathering at the school.


We have staggered the start and end times for each year group.

These timings will be in place until further notice.


Timings for children from Monday 15th June are:

YN: Start- 8:30             Finish- 11:30      (Main gate)

YR: Start- 9:00             Finish- 2:30         (Main gate)

Y1: Start- 9:15               Finish- 2:45         (Main gate)

Y6: Start- 9:30             Finish- 3:00         (back gate- car park entrance)


The timings of the school day will not change for the children that have used the provision during school closure.

We will expect these children in school from Monday 15th June.

The timings remain as:

Start- 8:45                   Finish- 3:15


All children must be collected by 1 parent or carer.

This will ensure we avoid overcrowding and that the one way system can be used effectively.


We ask, where possible, that Year 6 walk to/from school on their own. This will avoid congestion and any gathering at the back gate and will allow social distancing to be implemented effectively.


Please make sure that your child has been to the toilet before they arrive at school. This will avoid queues for the toilet when they enter the school building.


Further information will be sent this week to remind you of the key information that was sent to you in the Q + A document.


We look forward to seeing you all next week.


Monica Gallagher