Phonics – parent guidance

In nursery your child has a phonics lesson every week and has daily access to phonics resources. Phonics is the study of sounds. Children are taught to read and write using phonics, which is by directly linking phonemes (sounds in words) and graphemes(the symbols used to represent them).

Phase 1 phonics is introduced to children aged 3-5 during nursery. This first phase in phonics is split into seven aspects, all of which supports a child’s ability to listen to and recognise sounds within their environment and through songs and rhymes. Phase 1 places emphasis on a child’s listening and understanding skills, which are prime areas for development within early years education.

In this section you will find a wide range of fun and engaging games, activities and ideas to support your child’s phonic development within phase 1 at home.

Watch this Guide to Phase 2 Phonics:

You can also read this Parents Guide for Phonics from Twinkl.

Here are some links to activities for phase 1 below.