Collecting siblings

The Q + A document sent out to you included information for parents who have children in more than one year group, however I thought I would provide more information to ensure you are clear of the procedure we have in place.

Parents with more than one child at school should arrive at school to collect all of their children at the latest pick up time they have.

For example

Parents of children Year 1 and Year 5 – Year 1 finish at 2:55pm and Year 5 finish at 3:05pm – should arrive at 3:05pm to collect both children.

The child in Year 1 will remain in their classroom with their teachers and any other children who are being collected with siblings.

A member of staff will then bring your child to the collection point.

Year 5 collection point is at the back gate so both children will be picked up from the back gate.

This applies to all year groups.


Parents should collect their children at the latest time from the allocated area.

Here is a reminder of the timings and drop off/collection points:

Y1: Start- 8:40        Finish- 2:55   (Main gate)

Y2: Start- 8:50        Finish- 3:05  (Main gate)

Y3: Start- 9:00        Finish- 3:15  (Main gate)

Y4: Start- 9:00        Finish- 3:15    (Back gate- car park entrance)

Y5: Start- 8:50         Finish- 3:05 (Back gate- car park entrance)

Y6: Start- 8:40         Finish- 2:55   (Back gate- car park entrance)

Parents and carers are reminded that we cannot have groups of parents gathering outside of the school gates.

We have been instructed to follow strict guidelines to ensure we keep children, staff and families safe.

We appreciate your full support with this.

Please note:

This applies to collection times only. Siblings will have to arrive at separate times, according to their year group, at the start of each day.

If any of this information remains unclear, please feel free to contact the school office to ask any further questions.

We look forward to seeing you next week.