Our Week in the EYFS

This half term we are using the IPC topic ‘This is Me’ to learn about ourselves and each other. The children have been talking about their families, pets, likes and dislikes. In the Nursery the children have been working on recognising their names and their initial letter. They have decorated their initial letter using glitter and love seeing it next to their photo.

In Reception we have been creating self portraits using all sorts of creative materials. We have also painted pictures of our families.

The Nursery and Reception children love to play together and get really excited when the classes are all outside together. We are seeing some great friendships between the children and it is lovely to see how caring they are of their younger counterparts.

Thank you so much to the parents who were able to come along to our Friday Fun Reading today. There was a lovely buzz of enjoyment of reading in Reception this afternoon. It would be great to have you back next week at 2.50pm on Friday.

Please enjoy the photos celebrating our week.