Noah’s Arp

Today the children were visited by Wellgate Community Farm.  They brought along some of their animal friends to see the chidren in the Phoenix.  There were guinea pigs, sheep, chickens and rabbits.  The children were a mix of emotions, some were excited and rushed around looking and petting the animals; other children were hesitant and tentatively hid beside the adults reaching out slowly to touch and smell the animals.  For some children it was clear to see this was their first experience with live animals so we gently supported them in exploring this new experience.

It was lovely to see the children fully engaging with the animals and saying “the sheep is woolly and the rabbit is soft”.  One of our non-verbal pupils said “quack, quack” to the duck.  Overall, this experience had a very positive impact on the children and the adults too.  It was filled with lots of learning, language, calm and engaged all of the senses.