Celebrating our Children’s Achievements

This week some of the children in school have been sharing their achievements from outside of school life.

Today in our achievement assemblies we had 2 brothers, Brooklyn (year 3) and Henley (year 2), who shared with the school their fantastic experience of being mascots for Liverpool Football Club on Tuesday night at the UEFA Champions League semi-final match between Liverpool and Barcelona. The boys were very excited to have won this competition and passed on their buzz to many adults and pupils in the school.

Another amazing achievement was celebrated in school today by Clara from Year 1, she had written to Blue Peter telling them all about her accomplishments in swimming and was awarded a Blue Peter badge. She thoroughly enjoyed sharing her achievements with the school as you can see from the beaming smile on her face.

As a school we thoroughly enjoying hearing about all of our pupils’ success from outside school and hearing them inspire each other towards reaching their own goals and interests.

May we have many more exciting achievements to look forward to…