Thrive Ambassador Status- First School in London

Thomas Arnold is the first school in the borough and the first school in London to be awarded this status under the new Ambassador School assessment criteria.

Thomas Arnold was awarded Thrive Ambassador status in September because of the excellent leadership undertaken by Holly Pottle, Deputy Headteacher, and Katie Parks, Thrive Lead, to drive this approach forward.

Thrive is helping the school to meet the social and emotional needs of all the children.  All pupils have access to Thrive either through whole class activities, group work or 1:1 work. Pupils who access Thrive are making better progress academically and are showing improved attendance. Staff at school feel more skilled to manage children with distressed behaviours quickly, calmly and assertively. As a result Thomas Arnold has a lower staff turnover and relationship with parents has improved.

Parents are very supportive of this approach-

“My children’s interventions are helping them and they are aware about their emotions.”

“I know that at least one person or a team is willing to offer my child or every single kid in the school support for their Thrive needs.  It is far from what I thought about the school, it’s amazing!  I have peace of mind knowing that my child is in the right school.”

Pupils say –

“I can now talk about my feelings instead of acting them out.”

“I do still struggle at times with my emotions but can now stop and talk about them to make me feel better.”

Monica Gallagher, Headteacher at Thomas Arnold, is very proud of all that the Thrive team has achieved and that the school has been recognised for the great work that it does-

“I am very proud of the work that the Thrive team are doing to support the social and emotional needs of our pupils. The work that is done at both a strategic level and on a daily basis in our Thrive interventions has now been recognised by Thrive which I am thrilled about. Thrive has become an integral part of our school and we are looking forward to showcasing the work that we are doing.”

As a Thrive Ambassador School, Thomas Arnold will be an example to other schools of good practice, offering advice and information to Headteachers who are considering the approach. They will be hosting training for Thrive courses and support the work of Thrive by hosting Awareness Sessions and Open Afternoons.

During her visit to the school Mel Fisher, who is the Relationship Manager for the East, was very impressed by the work that the school is carrying out-

“I’m sure that given time, Thomas Arnold will not be just an Ambassador School but will become a Thrive School of Excellence.”


From left to right –The Thrive Team at Thomas Arnold Primary School

Holly Pottle, Clare Jolly, Julia Kemp and Katie Parks


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