Home Learning

Week Beginning 11th May 2020

Home Learning – 11.5.20

Hi everyone,

We hope you have had a lovely week. Thank you to those of you who joined our Zoom meeting last week. We will schedule some more soon so please check your ParentMail for your invite.. The home learning for this week includes more PowerPoint presentations and videos to support  your child’s learning.

Please post the activities you complete onto Tapestry for us to see, as we love seeing your wonderful learning. You can also post any other activities that you do at home as well.


The link below opens a PowerPoint presentation which is your home learning for English this week.

PowerPoint: Which animals make good pets?

Look at the pictures of the different animals and read the questions. Discuss your ideas with an adult. Explain your answers using because in a sentence.

Writing activity

Now that you have discussed your ideas you can now write them down. Choose 2 – 3 questions to answer from the PowerPoint and write them in full sentences in your red book. Use the conjunction because to explain your ideas. For example: ‘No, this animal is not a good pet because it might bite you. Yes, this animal is a good pet because it is small and cute.’

Use this video to help you write your sentences Video: Which animals make good pets?


This week for Maths you will be looking at sharing. The link below opens up the PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint: Sharing Use this video to see an example Video: Sharing 


Here is the link for your handwriting practise for this week Video: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog 


Here are the Phonics PowerPoint presentations for this week:

Monday ar, Tuesday oo (book), Wednesday oo (long), Thursday or  and Friday please recap them all.

Phonics – ar

Phonics – oo (long) and oo (book)

Phonics – or


This week for IPC, you will be looking at the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. You can find the video of the PowerPoint presentation here: Video: IPC Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Here is the PowerPoint presentation: PowerPoint: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

You can find some fun activities to try at home as well listen to a new story every week on Miss Villarin’s YouTube Channel.

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Reception team via email here: reception@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk

Have a fantastic week!