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Wednesday 6th May

Below is a list of today’s activities. Choose which order you would like to complete them in.


Remember if you have run out of books at home you can use your oxford owl account. https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

1M – Username: 1mforever       password: password

1O – Username: 1oforever          password: password

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Today’s activity – Choose a book/comic/newspaper to read for 20minutes. We have been working on expression.

Think about a character from a story that you have recently read, and then complete the attached character description.

Character Description



Today you will be writing the middle part of your story, we often think of this part of a story as the most exciting part.  When writing your story I would like you to try and end the middle section on a cliff hanger. This is when we leave the reader wondering what will happen next, one way we can do this is by ending this section with a question for the reader.  Have a read through mine below and then have a go at writing your own middle.

My middle

Frank the fantastical creature and Carly set off together towards the forest. It was quite dark and all they had was the light of the moon to help them see their way through the dark, over grown trees. The carefully creeped slowly into the heart of the forest, Carly knew she had last had the key when she had been picking beautiful flowers earlier that day. As they got to the centre though, nothing was as she had left it! The ground was torn up like a tornado had destroyed it. The trees branches were snapped off. Who could have done something so terrible? Carly began to cry, Frank wrapped his arm around her and suddenly the ground began to shake. Up from the ground a twisted arm appeared, attached to a gruesome body and face. Carly and Frank shook with fright, then they realised hanging around this monster’s neck hung the enchanted garden’s key. How could they get it back? Would they survive?



Click on the link below to open today’s Phonics PowerPoint, you will need something to write with.

46 Phase 5 t ( like ch)



Watch this video on 2D shapes and when you have finished complete the activity below.

Activity: Please see click on the link to complete the activity, if you can’t print off the sheet to cut out the shapes then you could draw them in your book and write the correct sentence next to each one. There is a word bank at the bottom if you need it.

2d Shapes Activity

Challenge: Can you draw and create your own sentences for some more 2D shapes such as an oval, a diamond, a star and a semi-circle.

For example: What has no corners and is like a stretched-out circle? (Oval)

Test a member of your family and see if they know about their 2D shapes!



Science is about discovery, questioning, testing, evaluating and understanding based on evidence.

My challenge for you this week is to look at the picture below and then answer the questions.

a.       What kind of habitat is this?

b.      Predict what might you find here?

c.       How do you know?





Watch this video link and record what you see.

a.      What did you see?

b.      Did anything surprise you?

Challenge: Draw and label the habitat and creature.



Jo Wicks is doing daily work outs for children to complete a 30 minute PE lesson. Copy and paste the link below which will take you to his channel on you tube.



Once finished take some photos and email them to your teacher and let them know how well you did.

email address: year1@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk