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Tuesday 5th May

Below is a list of today’s activities. Choose which order you would like to complete them in.



Remember if you have run out of books at home you can use your oxford owl account. https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

1M – Username: 1mforever       password: password

1O – Username: 1oforever          password: password

2C- Username: 2cforever             password: password

2s – Username: 2sforever            password: password


Today’s activity – Choose a book/comic/newspaper to read for 20minutes. We have been working on expression.

When reading full stops tells you to take a breath and pause.

A comma (,) tells you to take a smaller pause.

An exclamation mark (!) tells you to use a louder voice (can you work out the reason the author wants you to use a louder voice?)

Invert commas (speech marks “ .”)  Tells us a character is talking and you need to change you voice to sound like the character.

Can you practice all the above and read your book with expression?  Once you have practiced reading with expression can you read your book aloud to an audience.



Today you are going to be writing the next part of our story, the journey, they are going to start their adventure. Who is going, why are they going and where are they going?

Skills: Adverb! How something is done, most adverbs end in an ‘ly’

e.g. ‘The thief crept silently in the night…’

My journey

As the footsteps quickly approached the creature, he could hear her calling frantically for help. Carly the little girl was exhausted from having carefully searched all night because she had lost the golden key that opened the enchanted garden. He slowly stepped out from his hiding place, ready to introduce himself. His shadow was as tall as tower and made Carly feel a little frightened. Then she saw his kind, friendly face which had the warmest smile and she suddenly felt safe again. “Hi, my name is Frank,” the creature announced confidently. Carly quickly told the creature all about her problem and asked him kindly to help her find the lost key. So the two new friends set off towards the dark and dangerous forest where their adventure would begin…



Click on the link below to open today’s Phonics PowerPoint, you will need something to write with.

45 Phase 5 tch ( like ch)



Have a look at the PowerPoint on 2D shapes.

2D Shapes

You will see that the shapes have different properties such as vertices (corners) and sides.

Activity: Once you have seen these, can you draw a square, rectangle, circle, triangle and oval into your books and label them with their properties? Feel free to colour these in neatly as well.

For example:

Name: Rectangle

Sides: 4

Corners: 4

Challenge: Can you draw a pentagon, hexagon and octagon and label as above?

Year 2, you might also include the line symmetry in a vertical line.

Once you have completed this, check you are correct by checking the PowerPoint.



Over the next few weeks we are going to be learning all about the seaside. Have a look at the PowerPoint and complete the activities. Today we are learning all about how sea sides used to be (the past) and how they are today (the present).

Seasides Past and Present lesson 3



Jo Wicks is doing daily work outs for children to complete a 30 minute PE lesson. Copy and paste the link below which will take you to his channel on you tube.



Once finished take some photos and email them to your teacher and let them know how well you did.

email address: year1@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk