Home Learning

Tuesday 31st March

Below is a list of today’s activities. Choose which order you would like to complete them in.


Choose a book/comic/newspaper to read in your house for 20 minutes.

Practice reading out loud. Can you use expression?!


A letter to Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister.

Today you need to write the greeting and what you want to tell him.

Dear Prime Minister- Dear Sir- Dear Mr Johnson-
Homelearning, washing hands, staying at home.
Remember to include conjunctions, adjectives and punctuation.


If you are still learning to read click on the link below to open today’s Phonics PowerPoint, you will need something to write with.

30 Phase 5 soft g

If you are an able reader click on the grammar activity below:



Measurement – Now that you have listed some of the objects in your house, can you compare them?

Fill in the gaps,

The _______ is higher than the _________.

The ________is lower than the_________.

The ________ is longer than the _________.

The __________is shorter tha the _________.

The __________ is heavier than the_________.

The ___________ is lighter than the_________.

Get an adult to check and see if they agree with you.


Jo Wicks is doing daily work outs for children to complete a 30 minute PE lesson. Copy and paste the link below which will take you to his channel on you tube.


Extra- Can you practice throwing and catching? You could use a pair of socks or a soft ball. How many times can you throw and catch your object without dropping it.

IPC – Research- (Kidtopia website)

Circus around the world. Similarities and differences. You can write sentences and draw your results.

Moscow State Circus and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Extend – What continents are these Circus acts from?