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Thursday 7th May

Below is a list of today’s activities. Choose which order you would like to complete them in.


Remember if you have run out of books at home you can use your oxford owl account. https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

1M – Username: 1mforever       password: password

1O – Username: 1oforever          password: password

2C- Username: 2cforever             password: password

2s – Username: 2sforever            password: password


Today’s activity – Choose a book/comic/newspaper to read for 20minutes.

Think about the setting (the place the story happens) of a story you have recently read, and then complete the attached setting activity.

Setting Activity



Today we need to focus on putting our reader at ease, yesterday we left our readers on a cliff hanger. Thank you to those of you who sent in your writing but you have left me wondering what will happen next…

Today we need to solve the problem, we call this the resolution. Today I would like you to focus on using conjunctions in your writing such as: and, but, because, although

My resolution

Carly turned to Frank, “What shall we do?” she nervously asked him. Frank knew that now it was his chance to tell Carly that he wasn’t a human like she was, but an alien from planet Xon4. This meant that he had magic powers, he pushed the green diamond on his shoulder and suddenly he was gone, although he was not really gone, he had turned on his invisibility super power. Carly hid behind the tallest tree she could find, Frank crept towards the monster who was sniffing the ground. The monster was a Sniffalopodus, he was able to smell from 80 miles away because his nose was the size of a rugby ball, and shaped like one too! Frank quickly darted in and snatched the key from his neck. The frightening monster could smell him but not see him. The monster threw his arms around but Frank who was as fast as a cheetah had already run to Carly. Now they hurried to the enchanted garden. Carly knew that if they could get to the garden before sunrise they could use the petals from the magic rose bush to get rid of the monster.



Click on the link below to open today’s Phonics PowerPoint, you will need something to write with.

47 Phase 5 dge



Activity: Can you create a picture using some of the shapes you have explored? For example: A picture of a house. A house can have lots of shapes such as squares, triangles and rectangles.

Perhaps your house will have hexagonal shaped windows, or you are going to draw a picture of a plate of heathy food on it, or a face? Think about these real-life things, what kind of shapes are they? How many 2D shapes can you include in your picture?

Be as creative as possible!

Here is some examples of pictures with lots of 2D shapes in it.


Challenge: Can you include shapes such as an oval, hexagon or any other unusual 2D shape in your picture that represents something real?


ICT – Purple Mash – Maze Explorers

Over the next few weeks we are going to be learning about mazes and giving instructions to make objects move around the screen.

On purple mash click on the todo called ‘2Go’.

A screen should come up and in the bottom left corner click on the challenges tab.

Complete Challenges 1 and 2 only.

Remember if you get stuck click on the question mark at the top and it will remind you what you have to do.



Jo Wicks is doing daily work outs for children to complete a 30 minute PE lesson. Copy and paste the link below which will take you to his channel on you tube.



Once finished take some photos and email them to your teacher and let them know how well you did.

email address: year1@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk