Home Learning

Thursday 30th April

Below is a list of today’s activities. Choose which order you would like to complete them in.


Choose a book/comic/newspaper to read in your house for 20 minutes.

Remember when reading a full stop tells you to take a breath and pause.

A comma (,) is telling you to take a smaller pause.

An exclamation mark (!) is telling you to use a louder voice.

Can you use all the above as well as the expression you have been practising?

Once you have practised reading with expression can you read your book out loud to an audience?



Today you need to create a story map for your adventure story. Remember you can draw as many pictures as you need to help tell your story from the beginning to the end. No need to rush and get it all done today, as we are going to continue with this work tomorrow. Today’s picture on the website is a story map of the Gruffalo to help you think about how you can plan your story in pictures.



Click on the link below to open today’s Phonics PowerPoint, you will need something to write with.

42 Phase 5 ou like oo



Look at the picture graph that you created yesterday. Can you write down some questions on the next page and answer them using the data that you collected?

1.         What was the most popular fruit? __________

2.         What was the least popular fruit? __________

3.         How many more _________ than ____________? _____________

4.         How many fewer _________ than ____________? _____________

Check your answers with an adult.


ICT – Purple Mash – ‘Art Projects – Seaside’

Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at Painting Pictures on a computer.

Login to Purple Mash and select the 2Do called, ‘Rock Pool.’

Challenge: Can you design beach huts, deck chairs, a rock pool and fish?



Jo Wicks is doing daily work outs for children to complete a 30 minute PE lesson. Copy and paste the link below which will take you to his channel on you tube.



Once finished why not take some photos and email them to your teacher and let them know how well you did.

email address: year1@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk