Home Learning

Monday 18th May – Home learning

Good morning Year 4!

We hope you are all well – have you been enjoying the sunshine?


This week – 

Below is your Reading, English and Maths home learning for today, and also your IPC and Science learning for the week. 

When we first started home learning we suggested that you write out a time table of your weekly learning with a grown up and stick to it. Right now is a great time to review that time table and make sure its still working for you.

We encourage you to watch Newsround in the morning, and do PE with Joe Wicks. Make sure your having breaks to stretch and move about, as well as have a snack and a drink – this will keep your mind focussed.


Email us!

If you would like any support with your learning you (or your grown up) can always email Mr Stringer or Miss O’Dwyer at year4@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk


Home learning

Reading – The BFG

During our Zoom catch up on Friday lots or children said that they wanted me to continue reading stories like I do in class. So this week I am going to start reading ‘The BFG’  by Roald Dahl. Keep your eyes peeled for the link.

Comprehension –

Here is your comprehension for the week, you can choose the level that suits you. Grown ups – the answers are attached.

Roald Dahl comprehension – Level 2

Roald Dahl comprehension – Level 3


English – Poetry

This week we will continue to compose poetry.

First watch the video and complete the task on this page – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z4mmn39/articles/z8sf8mn

Then, you need to make a list of 10 things that you are currently missing from ‘Normal life’. For example; I miss being in school, I miss hugging my friends, I miss going to the cinema. These should be written in a list in your book


Maths – Multiplication

This is your maths learning for Monday – Y4


Science – Light 

This week in science we are continuing to learn about light. You should first follow Miss O’Dwyers powerpoint – Light – Year 4. Miss O’Dwyer has recorded instructions in the Powerpoint to help you with these tasks – Choosing a Material. You should also use this Reflective surfaces PPT.


IPC – Romans

For IPC this week you need to work through this IPC Roman Life Powerpoint and complete the activities. Each slide has a speaker icon, in the top corner, that you can click on to listen to the instructions.
If you have any trouble with opening the Power Point Presentation, you can used this IPC Roman Life PDF which has written instructions on each of the slides instead.


If you need a second Home learning book – there are more available at the school office.

Have a great day


Mr Stringer