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May Half Term Activities

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all doing well! Below are a few activities for you to do during your May Half Term.  Please share any of your fun expereinces you do with your family over the week tapestry or email nursery@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk .

Maths: Go into your garden or a park near your house and collect some sticks, pebbles and leaves. See what 2D shapes you can make using them. Which shapes are easiest to make using the sticks? Which objects are best for making a circle?

Focus Book for the Week: Aaargh Spider!!
Read this lovely story about a spider who wants to be a family pet! Would you like a spider as a pet?! Where can you find spiders? Become a spider spotter and look for spider webs and spiders in the garden together and talk about what you see.

Create web pictures with glue and glitter, draw the web with glue first then sprinkle with glitter. The glittery web would look especially good on dark coloured paper.

Learn about spiders together by reading these facts or with Jess the Zoologist.

You can also enjoy these stories: The Very Hungry Spider or The Very Busy Spider.

You can also enjoy learning about spiders with Lucas the Spider. He was created to help everyone learn about spiders.

Cooking: This week we will be making Mini Pizza Quiches! You will need tortilla wraps, eggs, cherry tomatoes, chopped vegetables or corn and peas, and a little bit of cheese. I will be using the recipe from BBC Good Foods, however, I have made a few changes to the recipe when I made them. Watch here.

You can also try to make these tasty Rock Candy Treats.

Giant Homemade Bubbles!! Why not try this activity in your garden, as we all know we all love bubbles!! Enjoy a fun afternoon making gigantic bubbles with your family!