Home Learning

Home Learning Week Beginning 29th June

Hello everyone,

We will still be using Purple Mash to complete most of your home learning activities. If you do not have your Purple Mash login details anymore please do contact me at nursery@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk



Listen to the Jolly Phonics Phase 2 song with your child. Sing and join in with the actions for all the letter sounds. Practice saying the sounds together at the end of each jingle!

This week we will practice the letter sound ‘m’ and apply our phonics knowledge to read a few more words! You can find your phonics lesson Monday here.¬†On Wednesday we will continue practising reading words using the sounds we know. You can find the powerpoint Reading Phase 2 Set 2 Words with ‘i’ on Purple Mash or you can find it here.



This week we will be reading the story Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

At the beginning of the story, Rainbow Fish refused to share with the little blue fish. What happened? Why was he sad after?

Rainbow Fish decided to share his shimmering scales with the other fish, how do you think he felt after sharing with other fish?

Do you share with your friends? How does it make you feel?


This week on Oxford Owl we will read The Hedgehog. Go to Purple Mash 2Dos to find how to login and see your first task.



Rainbow Fish gave away almost all of his shimmering scales to his friends. Have you ever given anything away to your friends? What was it? Draw a picture of you and your friends. You can draw the picture on Purple Mash or on paper/whiteboard or chalkboard.



This week for Maths we will be learning about making repeating patterns. We have made colour patterns at school using our toys; like this:

Go to Purple Mash to find our lesson about Patterns in the 2Dos tab.
There so many ways to make a pattern. Using colours, toys and even our bodies. Try this song and get moving when making patterns.



This week we will be learning about different materials that float and sink. Go to Purple Mash and find the Floating and Sinking powerpoint in your 2Dos. Try the experiment to discover what objects and materials float or sink. Don’t forget to make your predictions before doing the experiment. A prediction is a guess about what will happen.

Here is the record sheet for you to use or you can access it on Purple Mash. Float and Sink Record Sheet


Please post the activities you complete onto Tapestry for myself and Mrs Davey to see. We look forward to seeing all your wonderful learning at home.


Something extra to try at home:

Make your own Rainbow Fish with collage materials, paint or wool. Here are some examples: Rainbow Fish Art Ideas

Cooking: Try making these Rainbow Fish Pita Pizzas. Pizzas are great to make because everyone can choose the toppings they want.

You can access some directed drawing videos, story books read aloud by myself and others, along with some familiar songs sung in class on my YouTube channel Ms Carbonneau’s Home Learning.

If you require any assistance please do no hesitate to contact the nursery team via email here: nursery@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk