Home Learning

Home Learning Week Beginning 11th May

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed last weeks activities. Below are a few activities to support your child’s learning while at home.

Please post the activities you complete onto Tapestry for myself and Mrs Davey to see. We look forward to seeing all your wonderful learning at home. You can also post any other activities that you do on Tapestry for us to see. We would love to see all the fun and creative things you are doing.


Listen to the Jolly Phonics Phase 2 song with your child. Sing and join in with the actions for all the letter sounds. Practice saying the sounds together at the end of each jingle!

This week we will continue to practicing our sound talk (robot talk). This means that we are breaking up the sounds in words (phonemes) and then blending them together. This is also called Segmenting and Blending. Here is the phonics lesson on my channel.

I have uploaded an extra lesson on segmenting and blending for you to practice with me.



You can join me for our Literacy Lesson here. We will be focusing on the animalsĀ  Handa walks by on her journey to her friend Akeyo’s house. What are they called? What do you know of the animals? I will be pausing as I read to share some interesting facts about each animal in the story.


This week I would like you to choose one of the animals in the story Handa’s Surprise to find out 1 or 2 interesting/fun facts about it. Once you have chosen your animal please either draw/paint a picture of the animal or make a shoe box home of the animal using you toys. Have your parent or guardian record your facts on your picture or attached to your animal house. Please send me your pictures via Tapestry or email.

Join me drawing on my channel, we will be learning to label our pictures with sounds we know.


This week for Maths we will be recapping More and Fewer, and begin learning to count 2 groups of objects to find out how many we have altogether. It is important to begin learning about addition without using symbols or too much of the vocabulary. This is something your child will learn, but to start we will just be using words such as ‘altogether, and, makes.” You can watch two lessons on the introduction of addition on my channel here. Counting buttons and farm animals.



There are so many kinds of animals and they live in different places! You like in your home and animals have homes as well. These are called Habitats. This week we will learn to sort our toys or pictures of animals based on where they live; this is called a habitat. Some animals live in hot places, cold places, grass plains or forests. Watch my video for one way you can sort animals into their habitats.

Can you think of another way to sort the animals? By colour? Those that swim or cannot swim? By size?

You can explore different animals and their habitats through the games and videos here.

You can watch these videos of animals in different habitats.

What is a habitat?

Animal Habitat Song

Wild Kratts Explore Extreme Habitats


Something extra to try at home:

As the weather is continuing to get better, why not make the most of it! Play outside in your garden using chalk, water guns or sponges. You can use the chalk to make numbers or letter sounds and then ask your child to identify the number or letter by soaking it with water!! For example if you want your child to practice identifying numerals 1-10, write them on the ground and then ask your child to find a given number. You could also practice identifying letter sounds (satpin) by asking your child to find the sound ‘a a a a’.

Cooking: This Friday we will be making Yoghurt Bark! It is a tasty frozen treat that could be enjoyed on a hot sunny day!! All you need is some yoghurt and your favourite cereal! Here is the recipe I will be using.

You can access some directed drawing videos, story books read aloud by myself and others, along with some familiar songs sung in class on my YouTube channel Ms Carbonneau’s Home Learning.

If you require any assistance please do no hesitate to contact the nursery team via email here: nursery@thomasarnold.bardaglea.org.uk