Home Learning

Friday 21st May – Home Learning

Good morning!

We hope you are all well.



Star os the week

Today at 3:30 I will announce the class that has been in contact with their teacher most often – they will be our stars of the week!

So if you haven’t emailed your learning to your teacher yet – there is still time!



Reading – Today you can choose a book to read at home for pleasure – you might want to write a book review on Purple Mash.


English –

For todays English learning you should write out your final poem, edit it (double check it makes sense and that all spellings are correct), and then write it out in neat on this paper – Wide lined rainbow version

It would be a great idea to make your poem into a poster to put in your front window – it will bring a smile to the people who walk past! 


MathsHere is your maths learning for today – Y4


Times tables –

This week my top score was 22/25. See if you can beat my score of in your timetables test – which has been set as a 2do on Purple mash.


The winners will be announced as times table super stars at 3:30!

Remember, you should practice beforehand, and then have one go on your test.


Zoom chat –

Miss O’Dwyer and I will be holding a Zoom catch up at 11am today! We are looking forward to seeing you there. Check parentmail for your invite.


Mr Stringer