Home Learning

31st January 2020

Hello everyone!

Please complete this week’s home learning activities by Thursday next week and upload them onto Tapestry.

  1. We have had a wonderful week at the nursery learning about changes we see. With spring slowly arriving, we are beginning to see changes all around us outside. For your home learning this week go for a walk and look for some of these changes. Talk to your child about the flowers beginning to pop out of the ground, the trees beginning to bud and birds making their nests. Have your child draw a picture of what they saw on the walk.
  2. The children have been learning to be more independent with the zips, poppers and buttons on their coats. Cam you support your child with practicing how to do their zips, poppers or buttons. This will increase their independence and pride in what they can do on their own.

Have a wonderful weekend!