Home Learning

24th January 2020

Hello everyone,

This week for home learning please complete these two tasks and post them on Tapestry:

  1. You child has been exploring different sounds they can make with their voice. Play an animal themed guessing game. Make some sound effects for different animal noises and encourage someone to guess what animal sound you were making. You could ‘meow’ like a cat, ‘woof’ like a dog, ‘hissss’ like a snake. What other animal noises can you make?
  2. Your child is learning to identify numerals 1-10.  Write the numbers 1 to 10 on pieces of paper and hide them around a room or the garden. Go on a hunt for all the numbers. Each time you find a number encourage your child to tell you what number they have found. You can try using a timer as well! Can you find and name all the numbers before the timer runs out?

Have a lovely weekend!